The Last

Two pieces of news today:

The last two white rhinos in Zambia were shot last week. One of these died, and her horn was cut off for sale by poachers.

A whale killed off Alaska contained fragments of a harpoon shot into it sometime around 1890. These antique fragments were discovered when the whale was killed and harvested.

The real question to ask of these news items is: Why, in 2007, are whales and rhinos still being killed by people? There are a multitude of possible answers, but the one that speaks to me is this: People are inherently evil, and we have failed as a species. If in a hundred years of knowing about this problem we have not come up with the political will to stop this madness, then I can think of no hope for us in the longer term. Perhaps it is now time for the rats and weeds to take over.


  1. Rodrigo said...
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    Anonymous said...
    I'm not sure yet if people are inherently evil, however, I am pretty sure that people have a strong, perhaps inalienable desire to exert their will, so as to reaffirm or perhaps legitimize their existence as conscious beings. Like Doestovesky says, this is so we know, as humans, that we lie outside the bounds of mathematical causality, i.e., two and two make four.

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