Bad Craziness

In my years of teaching, I've come across many students who were creationists. I've even come across one who outright refused to believe in plate tectonics. But this video shows someone even crazier:

It's hard to know where to start with such extreme anti-scientific craziness.


  1. Tom H said...
    Wow! That is interesting. No subduction? How does he explain mountain ranges? They were just there? earthquakes? volcanos? What fills the voids left in our growing planet? Does the earth just manufacture new rock/magma from within? Steve, your comments would be appreciated.

    Tom Hartline
    Steve-o, aka "Ignatius J. Reilly" said...

    I was looking carefully in this film for that sort of explanation. It seems an obvious question--if the Earth expands, what fills in the gaps? But this crazy guy never explained that, never even tried. Even the wacko Flood geology creationists try to account for the flood waters by saying, for example, that the waters could have come from the mantle. After the flood, the mantle reabsored this water. Nuts, but not as crazy as this guy!

    Interestingly, many years ago an "amateur physicist" tried to prove a radical idea about gravity by proposing that the entire universe was expanding equally. In his "gravity," then, you didn't fall toward Earth so much as have the Earth expand up to meet for falling body. Wacky idea, but it made more sense that this guy. :)

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