Roar for Entitlement

Just when everyone thought Mark Geragos could not possibly find a client more odious than the child molester Michael Jackson or the wife killer Scott Peterson, Geragos decided to represent Amritpal and Kulbir Dhaliwal. The reckless actions of these drunken jackasses led to the destruction of Tatiana, a beautiful 4-year old Siberian tiger.

Now that the Dhaliwal brothers have confessed to provoking the tiger who attacked them on Christmas Day, the transcripts of the 911 call from the SF Zoo shed further light into the unsavory character of these individuals.

Kulbir Dhaliwal placed the first call at 5:16 pm from in front of the cafeteria at the SF Zoo. He was apparently having an argument with the manager of the cafe:

Kulbir: I'm talking to the manager here, the stupid a- doesn't want to get me a towel ...

The towel was presumably to staunch bleeding. Of course, in Kulbir's thinking, the manager should have exposed himself and his employees at the cafeteria to the danger of a prowling tiger, despite the Zoo's policy of locking down buildings during an escape.

911: The ambulance, the police are at the front.
Kulbir: Get them out here already!

He was apparently quite impatient with the response time, which was on the order of 10 minutes. This is a fairly quick response time in SF for a life and death emergency; times in East Bay cities such as Oakland and Richmond can be twice that, and there are instances where dispatched ambulances and police do not arrive at all to crime scenes. In other words, if you live in underfunded cities such as SF or Oakland, which have about half the police force of comparable cities in other states, then you should be thankful if you can just get through to 911 without being put on hold.

911: OK, the ambulance is staging. I need you to understand. That if the ambulance people, paramedics ...

Kulbir: What do you mean? ... My brother's going to die out here!

911: I'll stay on the line with you. If the paramedics get hurt they cannot help your brother, so you need to calm down and ...

Kulbir: Send more paramedics then!

Lovely. Kulbir thinks he is a general ordering more troops into the breach, damn the danger. No one else's life matters except his brother's. It does not matter to him if a paramedic is killed as a result of his stupidity in taunting the tiger.

Kulbir: Can you fly a helicopter right here? Because I don't see no f- ambulance here.

What a sense of entitlement! He screws up and now he thinks he deserves helicopter attention. Helicopter "Life Flights" are not usual for SF because no hospital in SF has helicopter landing facilities. Life Flights are more of an East Bay phenomenon.

These transcripts, the refusal of these brothers to cooperate with police, their documented effort to conceal what occurred that day, all speak to egomania and a prince-like expectation of entitlement.

What a pity Tatiana was not allowed time to finish her snack.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Hubris brings this type of attitude. There are consequences in life. I hope these two receive the same type of treatment that they gave the tiger.

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